Guide & How-to: SGX Central Depository (CDP) Account In Singapore

Sat, 25 June 2016 You heard you need a SGX CDP account before you can start buying stocks or selling in Singapore stock exchange.If you are wondering:”What is a CDP securities account?””How do I open one and apply for online CDP?””What is the cost and fees for stocks transaction and shares transfer?””I have forgotten my CDP account […]

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How To Open A SGX Singapore Stock Trading Brokerage Account

How To Open A SGX Singapore Stock Trading Brokerage Account

Tue, 28 June 2016​If you are not going to open a brokerage account, skip this article because I don’t want it to bore you to death.If you are thinking of opening one then you might probably have thought of:”What are the requirements to open a stock trading account?””I’m going down to their office and what should […]

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Standard Chartered Online Trading 2016: ‘No $200K, Pay $10/Trade’

Thursday, 15 June 2016IYou probably have heard it.SCB announced their upcoming $10 minimum commission starting from 1st August 2016 onward. There are no changes to its brokerage rate and custody fee. Standard Chartered Online Trading 1 Aug 2016: Brokerage Fee 0.20% remains the same but now with $10 Min. Com. unless you are a Priority Banking […]

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Are You Afraid Of Losing Your Hard Earned Money?

Are You Afraid Of Losing Your Hard Earned Money

Sat, 11 June 2016I thought to address this feedback as this is one of the most common responses I received. ***It is okay to worry you might lose money. On the contrary, it is dangerous if you don’t. Fear means you recognize the risk of stock investing and it keeps your confidence level in check […]

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“Size matters” How You Can Beat The Market (STI ETF)

Sat, 28 May 2016In one of my blog posts. I talked about equal-weighted STI outperforms market cap. weighted portfolio (Our current STI). And the outperformance is huge.One question in everyone’s mind is, then why STI ETF does not base its portfolio on equal-weighted instead? First of all, to answer that we need to go back to […]

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Thank You For Your Response!

Readers, Thank you for your overwhelming response. Love that, give me sometime and I will reply to all of your Emails. I will do a series of Q&A blog post in the following week or so. If you have not replied to my Email, it’s not too late. Please search your inbox under subject line: […]

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17 Singapore Investment Options That Will Grow Your Money NOW(Step-by-Step!)

Singapore Investment Options

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I think you will agree with me on this.

​People who succeed with money do two things very well:

First, they have a huge capital either by saving a lot or making a lot.

​Second, they put 100% of their effort in improving their financial literacy and activity thats grow their wealth.

They know what financial capital is and how the magic of compounding returns can grow their money like a bean sprout over time.

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