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Thank You For Your Response!

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Readers, Thank you for your overwhelming response. Love that, give me sometime and I will reply to all of your Emails. I will do a series of Q&A blog post in the following week or so. If you have not replied to my Email, it’s not too late. Please search your inbox under subject line: Quick Question… I read all

17 Singapore Investment Options That Will Grow Your Money NOW(Step-by-Step!)

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Singapore Investment Options

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I think you will agree with me on this.

​People who succeed with money do two things very well:

First, they have a huge capital either by saving a lot or making a lot.

​Second, they put 100% of their effort in improving their financial literacy and activity thats grow their wealth.

They know what financial capital is and how the magic of compounding returns can grow their money like a bean sprout over time.

The Beginner’s Guide To REITs Singapore Investing(7 Chapters, 15,322 word)

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REITs Singapore

Tuesday, 16 Feb 2016

It's up, finally!

About one and a half month ago, I started writing REITs Singapore guide.

I thought it would only took me a week or two but it turned out to be a month looooooooooooooooooooooong project! The initial plan was to publish a short 1,000 words guide like many others, however, as I went along, it extended to 2,000 words, then 4,000 words, then 8,000 words, then 10,000 words(holy!).

You Should Take A Break, But Not Facebook Break!

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When you are working on something hard. Something intellectually demanding. It’s good to take small chucks of break in between tasks. While everyone agrees on that. But sort of break should we take?

Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Singapore

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Learn REITs Singapore Investing ​#1 Specialist Medical Practitioner — $13,952 - $27,632Top of the salary mountain are the specialist medical practitioners. Saving lives and the gratitude of a patient turns out to be just but a few benefits of being a medical practitioner in Singapore. It is no wonder that students are striving for the opportunity to get a chance at

SGX CDP: What Is It About and 6 Boring-Points

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You heard that you need a CDP account before you can start buying stocks in SGX. So what's that? You might be asking..."What is it for," "why I do I need one" and "how to I open an CDP account."If that's what on your mind then this article is for you.In this article, I will first explain to you what is

100% Positive Returns On Dec With Conditional Probability(29 Years record)

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The odd of Dec being a positive month is 77%, that's over the period of 22 years. To increase the odd to 100%, we will look at the prior month i.e Nov. This is from the first article in the book : Show Me The Money 3 by Teh Hooi Ling under the title of "WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS."

6 High Dividend Stocks In Singapore

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It’s coming to the end of 2015.​As an investor, have you thought of what are the high dividend stocks in SGX Singapore?​Probably you had.​I had run through my ShareInvestors screener, setting criteria on 3% dividend for the past 3 consecutive years. Want To Learn REITs Investing? REITs Singapore: The Complete guide ​Removed Schips and stocks that are under the suspended list( yeah,