How To: Buy & Invest Shares In Singapore Market For Beginner

Beginner’s Series For Stock Investing 1. How To: Buy & Invest Shares In Singapore Market For Beginner (This post)2. ​Guide & How-to: SGX Central Depository (CDP) Account In Singapore3. ​How To: Open A Stock Trading A/C (With 4 Brokerage Firms)4. ​Top 4 Singapore Share Investing Forums (+1 FB group) For Stock Discussion5. ​5 SGX Pre-screened Fundamental […]

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5 SGX Pre-screened Fundamental Data set for You!~

​Sun, 17 July 2016​This is insane.It will save you TON of hours and effort, you probably have a time where​ you wonder what are highest dividend yield stocks or cheapest valuation stocks in SGX.Or if you are a big blue chips or REITs’ lover then you probably want to have a snapshot of each of their fundamental data […]

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How To Survive A Market Meltdown With Dividend Paying Net Net Stocks

Value investing with dividend paying net net stocks

​Tuesday, 12 July 2016Do you know what Net Net is?*Hint*: A stock valuation technique created by the father of Value Investing, Benjamin Graham. Famously known as the teacher of Warren Buffett.​And you might wonder:How much returns can I make on this stock-picking strategy?How did it perform throughout the decade?How did it fare during previous market crash?Is it […]

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How To: Open A Stock Trading A/C (With 4 Brokerage Firms)

How To Open A SGX Singapore Stock Trading Brokerage Account

Tue, 28 June 2016​If you are not going to open a brokerage account, skip this article because I don’t want it to bore you to death.If you are thinking of opening one then you might probably have thought of:”What are the requirements to open a stock trading account?””I’m going down to their office and what should […]

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Guide & How-to: SGX Central Depository (CDP) Account In Singapore

Sat, 25 June 2016 You heard you need a SGX CDP account before you can start buying stocks or selling in Singapore stock exchange.If you are wondering:”What is a CDP securities account?””How do I open one and apply for online CDP?””What is the cost and fees for stocks transaction and shares transfer?””I have forgotten my CDP account […]

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Standard Chartered Online Trading 2016: ‘No $200K, Pay $10/Trade’

Thursday, 15 June 2016IYou probably have heard it.SCB announced their upcoming $10 minimum commission starting from 1st August 2016 onward. There are no changes to its brokerage rate and custody fee. Standard Chartered Online Trading 1 Aug 2016: Brokerage Fee 0.20% remains the same but now with $10 Min. Com. unless you are a Priority Banking […]

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