5 SGX Pre-screened Fundamental Data set for You!~

​Sun, 17 July 2016

​This is insane.

It will save you TON of hours and effort, you probably have a time where​ you wonder what are highest dividend yield stocks or cheapest valuation stocks in SGX.

Or if you are a big blue chips or REITs' lover then you probably want to have a snapshot of each of their fundamental data laying side by side in a tabulated format. To get a feel of its fundamental, it's a pre-screen before diving into a more detailed analysis.

Two years ago when I started out, there wasn't anything like that available. Now SGX free Screener may allow you to populate the highest dividend yield stocks but it does not allow you to display better ratio like price to tangible or EV/EBIT, and worst it even limits the display to 4 data:

How the hell are you able to have the market feel with just 4 data???

Next is a paid data service provider called ShareInvestor.

Nowadays it makes me wonder are they a data provider or Ads provider, instead of improving their services (will get into that shortly), they optimize their Ads space. It seems that their job now is to serve as much Ads as possible. Remember this, it is not a free service, but a paid one. 

​Now let's get into their Screener, my account just expired so I'm not able to post you a screenshot. But here's the thing, stock Screener has two main components:

1. ​Criteria - the area where you can set your stock criteria for example fundamental ratio in a specific range i.e P/B 0 to 0.2, bottom 100 lowest mkt. cap. stocks and etc..

2. Display​ - the area where the stocks' result is populated based on the criteria you set. A good Screener should also allow you to display more data or information on this area, something like this: 

​How does ShareInvestor fare on this? 

They are the masters of the universe​, they display exactly what you set as criteria:

Criteria = Display 


​Here's the problem: if you only set P/B as a criteria, they only display P/B ratio, it can't display dividend yield, beta, P/E, D/E, payout ratio or EV/EBIT (ops they don't even have this, see my point above? They only care about optimizing their Ads space rather than catching up with what investors need.)

​So even after you know the list of stocks that have say, high dividend yield, you still need to manually check each individual stock on its payout ratio, debt to equity, NAV and etc. 

​How about a workaround method by setting the display as criteria as well? That will make the matter even worst as it excludes stocks that do not match with their criteria. For instance, stocks with negative earning will be reflected as negative P/E ratio but because their criteria does not allow you to set negative figure, hence, it will not be populated.

That's why ShareInvestor is the masters of the universe.


Today, this will all change because I will give you the end result that you need.

You love blue chip stocks? REITs? Stocks that have high dividend yield, undervalued stocks or even penny small cap stocks?

I have it all for you!​

Bonus #1: 30 Singapore Blue Chip Stocks (STI Component)

30 Singapore Blue Chip Stocks (STI Component)

Blue chips' lover? 

Here you go:​

Singapore 30 blue chips in STI, I have listed down each of its P/E, P/B, Dividend yield, D/E, Price/Tangible Book and best? EV/EBIT!

Bonus #2:32 REITs Data In SGX Singapore

32 REITs Data In SGX Singapore

REITs' lover, I see you.

Here you go: 

​Singapore 32 REITs data in listed SGX, I have listed down each of its P/E, P/B, Dividend yield, D/E, Price/Tangible Book and best? EV/EBIT!

Bonus #3: 100 Highest SGX Dividend Yield Stocks In Singapore

100 Highest SGX Dividend Yield Stocks In Singapore

Not enough, want more high dividend paying stocks?

Here you go: 

100 SGX highest dividend yield stock all in one table.

Bonus #4: 100 Undervalued Stocks In Singapore Share Market

100 Undervalued Stocks In Singapore Share Market

Enough of blue chips and high dividend paying stocks.

Here's the 100 lowest price to tangible value stocks listed in SGX.

Bonus #5: 100 Lowest Market Capitalization Shares Trading In SGX (Penny Stocks)

100 Lowest Market Capitalization Shares Traded In SGX (Penny Stocks)

Not interested in all the above but you only want to buy dirt cheap penny stocks?

Here you go:

100 lowest market capitalization stocks trading in SGX. ​


You know what is the best part of all this?

That's it is not time-sensitive that means I only need to update the data periodically, and if you want to be informed as I update the data.  

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Createwealth8888 - July 17, 2016

Who is the owner?

SPH. Right?

How to increase revenue from other sources?

    GiraffeValue - July 17, 2016

    Shh… you are about to break into my secret!

Michelle Tan - July 17, 2016

You can find these info via valueexpert tool which is updated daily.

    GiraffeValue - July 17, 2016

    Great, not sure whether do they have EV/EBIT which ShareInvestor does not have it.

      Michelle Tan - July 18, 2016

      It has a whole host of financial info over last 5 years per company such as : NAV, EPS, PE ratio, gross/ net profit, dividends payout %, liquidity ratios, debt/ equity ratios, intrinsic value, margin of safety %, etc… i use it to screen and compare stocks before looking at TA charts. I m not vested in the company providing this tool but i find it useful, need to pay an annual fee of $199 for minimum 2 markets ( SG and M’sia) though….

        GiraffeValue - July 18, 2016

        Hey, I see, I sort of expected. It is much better than ShareInvestor, it has the criteria to filtering value stocks that S.I does not.

My Sweet Retirement - July 17, 2016

I use Google stock screener which is free.

    GiraffeValue - July 17, 2016

    I see, I used SGX screener and shareinvestor previously.

Nicky - July 18, 2016

New post only

Terence - July 18, 2016

I think some other singaporean blogger offers some paid stock screener service too..have you tried it? Is it good?

    GiraffeValue - July 25, 2016

    I think it is a pre-screened list of stocks, rather than a screener, not too sure.

Mark Liao - March 6, 2017

Hi bro,

Thank you for the sharing, beginner here.


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