Singapore InvestFair 2016 (picture & video)

I attended InvestFair yesterday at Suntec. The last I went was 2 years ago and opened a number of brokerage account to get their freebies.This time just went to there and see what has changed.

The crowd was quite normal but definitely not as huge as IT Show.The highlight of the event would be popular speakers like Jim Roger and Hu Li Yang ( I didn't know him until I was in KL InvestFair,he's know as the Asia’s Stock Market Godfather). His video.

Most of the people are gathered in the speaking room and the fair has 3 -4 of such rooms. The size of the Fair is about half the size of IT Fair.​

​Speaking ranging from finance profession sharing session in interview sitting to speakers showcase their charting software and trainers sharing how to make money on trading and investing.


Terrance Tan

Ronald K – video #1

Ronald K – video #2

And his 6-figure profit:

Ronald K

Singaporean loves FREE coffee: 

The queue was too long if not I would have grab a cup.

Local startup InvestingNote and had a little chat with my friend who is their developer. They are seeking for blogs who writes about stock specific article for their news feed, if you are one of those blogs you might like to reach them as it can get you traffic.

Interesting investment opportunities in Singapore InvestFair

I wonder what is their investment plan, maybe something like invest in plant?

It's the infamous land banking!

I found them on MAS Alert List too:

Coal mine investment

Is this even legit?

Tell me if you found anything interesting


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STE - July 31, 2016

Wow!! 36% p.a ,,, with rule of 72.. One would hv double his investment capital in every 2 year !! Anyone dare to invest ,, Ki-chew”! 😀😀

    GiraffeValue - August 1, 2016

    People who have no perspective of what is average or high returns would buy. People who just got fired or knowing the normal means would not meet their retirement would too because such scheme gives them hope 🙁

aloypro - July 31, 2016

Hi GV!

I went down to Investfair yesterday as well! There was the vertical mud crab farming booth as well. I actually gave both the coal mining and mud crab farming people my time and hear what they have to say. Most of them have a lock-in period of 12 months before you’re allowed to withdraw from the investment at a fee.

For the mud crab one quite interesting because they are ramping up their supply to meet demands. They supply mud crabs to Jumbo and House of Seafood. Seeing how Jumbo is expanding into China, it could be an interesting venture.

The coal one is a little dodgy because they only began not too long ago and there’s quite a number of risks involved. You’re buying into only 1 mine, meaning you don’t get to diversify your risk. You’re just hoping that that mine is filled with coal to be sold.

I still haven’t got the guts to invest in these private ventures haha. Will probably stick to the stock market where I can get more information about the companies.

    peter - July 31, 2016

    You are right. Those so call trader are in fact betting. I have a friend who join a school call v3go, and the founder tell them that market going to crash in 2013, and show them all the graph he plotted. You know what, they pool their money together and shorted the dow, nikkei, crude oil future on every up and losses lot of money. Now this v3go has close shop.

    Never trade, value invest is the way to go. If trading can win big time, wonder why those guy call people to sign up to learn trading. They should be making money and keep it a secret themselves. They will always said that is their passion.

    I never ever attend these so call invest fair. They are a means of making money from us the investor. Calling you to sign up for this and that. Go for value investing course is must better choice.

      GiraffeValue - August 1, 2016

      Thank you for sharing about v3go. I think it’s only good to go there to open brokerage account and get freebie 🙂

      Arc - August 2, 2016

      Trading is all about probability and money management nothing is 100%. Even the perfect set up can fail so keep that in mind.

    GiraffeValue - August 1, 2016

    Hi Aloy,

    I see, thank you for sharing. Maybe next time I should hear them out, normally my mind would just shut down when I see them coming. I completely missed out the mud crab farming.

    Kelvin - August 2, 2016

    Actually I got much interest in mud crab and geoponics, vertical farming is still infancy stage and growing food with technology is quite an interesting sector our government are exploring soon. I wouldn’t mind visiting a warehouse where we can see crabs and vegetables growing at the same time. Probably even have a cze char stall at a corner of the warehouse to have fresh ingredients cooked that have just been harvested yesterday!

peter - July 31, 2016

Value investing is the way. It has been said that 90% of trader lose money. Don’t trade, but do have a stop loss for all counter too. It work.

Many year ago, I cut loss on Celestial( suppose to be a solid counter back then) , true enough it went under. Sometimes , a counter is been sell down for a reason. BB and fund know and sell first, we retailer small fry are the one who suffer, the last to know only when news are out. So if there is a sell down on your value vested counter, sell first, and play safe. We can always get back later.

Protect our capital is important. One of my friend stay n and lost all. I was lucky to have cut loss and lose 40%. Thanks you for your feedback and sharing


GiraffeValue - August 1, 2016

Hey Peter, thanks for sharing your experience on Celestial. I got a slightly different investment philosophy, I don’t have stop loss and I never sell & get back later. I use a portfolio approach to value investing, individual stock performance is like battle, some will go bad expectedly. But if the strategy is right I will win the war. A few losing battles do not concern me.

kelvin - August 2, 2016

hi GV, the only “windfall” i got was from stage activities to the likes to jim roger, piyush & roger montgomery, the rest it seems like sell snake oil, i didnt bother to listen

Fred - August 2, 2016

I went to the Fair last weekend and participated in as many speaking halls as possible. I saw GV talking all the time in his booth. Well done. I heard the surprise Mud Crab presentation on second day, it was not scheduled in the programme. The format changed. When I first heard them presented in their company premises, the returns was twenty over percent and in two years. At the fair, it was staggered like our Spore Saving Bond, the returns slowly increases year after year for 10 years. I also heard the vertical veg farm. All these biz are actually applying the OPM concept. OPM – other people money. The coy is a shell with minimum capital. They look for sponsors or lenders to finance their startups. That’s why they won’t welcome you as shareholders or partners but lenders.

They will come out with a contract where you actually own a crab rack and lease back to them. Ditto for veg farm. Let me simplify it. Imagine a coffeeshop operator, with no or little money, setting up a coffeeshop. Hoping to list it after two or three years, he goes around looking for sponsors to lend him money to set it up. So he cleverly sign a contract with all sponsors with a purchase-and-leaseback of his tables in his refreshment areas. Supposing I sell each sponsor $20k per table and in return, I pay a rent of $$3k per year for that table. After a two year loan tenure, you have to sell it back to me at same cost.

First ask, why did the banks turn them down that they have to turn to you?


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