Medium. [5/6]

If you have been following the news and have not living under a rock then probably have seen news speaking of medium’s recent layoff.

The market sensing is that the platform couldn’t monetize successfully. However, I noticed a trend in Social media platforms these days which seems they have placed monetization at its early phase rather than take a “we’ll figure it out later” attitude. Snapchat is one that has started private advertising deals with large online media such as national geographic, BuzzFeed, Mashable and etc.

Instagram started last year which tied to Facebook ads. Pinterest has also began its ads platform last year targeting eCommances as its traffic is known to have the highest conversation rate among other social media.

Experts say Facebook is solving the issue of online authenticity. Of note that this was at the time where online users were hidden behind anonymity. They insist all accounts represent real users. One user one account policy.

Reddit believes it is unauthentic for anyone to have a single identity among different social circles. If you insist, people will pretend to be someone they are not. Evernote said something along the line: Facebook is how you want people to see you, Evernote is who you are. I’m paraphrasing it.

The fact is we wear multiple hats in our daily life. The way we act with family members is vastly different than with friends and colleagues. So how can one expects us to act the same as if we only wear 1 hat in our live?

Medium is trying to solve a different problem. From what I read, they built the platform so that readers could have a place to read high quality stories rather than getting annoyed by click baiting fluff which was and still is a serious problem on Facebook.

Sometimes it’s hard to argue what contributes as click baits, when we think of the term it connotes the sense of being baited aka misled by the headline. But what if the content delivers its click baiting promise? Like 3 Facts In North Korea That Will Blow Your Mind… and it indeed shocks you.

It may not contain educational value but undeniably it provides entertainment value.

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