My First Time Hosting Event Using Meetup [4/6]

Quite happy that my first hosted meetup event turned up to be quite well-received. Initially, I wasn’t expecting the attendance to be good as I’ve heard from friends and based on my personal experience that typically less than 50% of the RSVP would attend.

Apparently not, as six members have showed up – 75% turn up rate!

In case you’ve never heard of it. is an online portal where you can create and join groups based on common interest like value investing, books, games, careers and etc. The portal has started since a long time ago and has also been quite some time in Singapore as I used to be frequent a member 5 years ago, maybe more.

I attended events like tarot card reading, book clubs and board game. I thought it would be a good way to get to know girls from these events, ironically, despite my irresistible charm no girls walk up to me.

It should be the largest online meet up portal at present in Singapore with some interest groups exceeding over thousand over members.

P.S I wanted to write about 3 make money online models but words didn’t flow and since I didn’t want to force it as part of my strategy to write 100 words on alternate days to build a habit. Here comes the filler of the day.

Instead of sharing the 3 models, I will start with writing one first. It would likely be a series post and I’ve quite a lot to share about. So see you on my next post: What Is Drop Shipping / eCommence Arbitrage?

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