Oct 2016 Income Report – $528.90

Here comes another month of my monthly online income report where I share my journey in making side income online. To be honest I was a bit reluctant to write about it as things didn’t move as well to what I expected to be. But after reading the income report from livingafreelifetoday, it got me a little […]

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Sep 2016 Income Report – $422.88

Published last week via EmailHey,Thought to update you what I have doing for the past month.Before that, first let me express a BIG thank you to the readers who supported the value investing course, really appreciate that as it helps my site goes a long way! And I think it is a really good course […]

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Side-Hustle: My [deleted] Community Forum [part-1]

Sat, 13 Aug 2016A month ago I began the idea of starting a forum to leverage on the [deleted] craze prior to its release in Singapore. I thought the craze would encourage traffic to the site without much effort, and there were many hypothesis that I wanted to put it to test. So I teamed up […]

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My First Portfolio Rebalancing & Thoughts (1/2)

Sat, 13 Aug 2016More than a year ago, I was studying the stock market and flipping through numerous books, articles and papers.When trying to piece everything together, it was clear to me that my investment objective wasn’t to create outsized returns but to:1.​ Achieve market beating returns – returns exceed STI ETF​2. Minimum effort of mantainance – passive investing style​3. […]

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July Income Report – $225.98 (What’s Adsense & Affiliate?)

Wed, 3 Aug 2016Welcome to my first blog income report, over here I will share my monthly traffic stats, subscribers and blog’s earnings. I believe this will pull the curtain back and show what is possible in making money on blog.I believe in doing so I’m able to keep myself accountable and motivated as nothing can […]

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Singapore InvestFair 2016 (picture & video)

I attended InvestFair yesterday at Suntec. The last I went was 2 years ago and opened a number of brokerage account to get their freebies.This time just went to there and see what has changed.The crowd was quite normal but definitely not as huge as IT Show.The highlight of the event would be popular speakers […]

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