SGX StockFacts[Time-Hack] : Grab 5 Stocks data in Less Than 10 Mins.

SGX Financial Data[Time-Hack] Get 5 stocks data in less than 10 Mins.

So after reading my previous few blog posts and the one on Value Strategies Portfolio.

Hope it does give you some basic ideas of what sort of systematic value portfolio you can have and the reasons why systematic value would work.

Besides that, I think one of the difficulties for retail investors to use a systematic approach to value investing would probably be the inaccessibility to uncommon financial ratio and data on a large number of stocks. I’m speaking of 80-100.

As I have previously highlighted, even though SGX does provide some really good ratios that many data providers lack off. But it has limitation on their screener display results.

It only displays simple ratio like : P/E, P/B, DIV YIELD, PAYOUT RATIO, DEBT TO EQUITY and etc

SGX screener eg5

These are the data you can easily populate and easily copy to Excel

And as for matrices like the below:

SGX FS example2

Or any data on other tabs like Valuation and etc…

You would have to do it manually that means to copy and paste 80-100 stocks one at a time to Excel.

And your guess is right. That’ll take a long time. But don’t worry, there’s a way to speed up the process by two to three times easily.

Which is what I am going to show you on the below. This is how I do it and I hope it will benefit you as well.

Three things that you need :

  1. Stock Code
  2. Excel
  3. SGX Web

If you have a list of your stock code, you can skip the first point and go right straight to the SGX section, if not I will show you a little trick to get your stock code through ShareInvestors which I think is the fastest way you probably can get.

Get Stock Code the Fastest Way

  1. Go to ShareInvestor at http://www.shareinvestor.com/sg
share investors

No registration required.

2. Enter the name of the stock at the search box and the below window will pop out. Then right click to copy the stock code.

S.I ex2

3. Switch to your Excel and paste it as “Match Destination Formatting”. Do not go straight for Ctrl + V as there’s a formatting on ShareInvestor which will mess up your cell formatting in Excel

share investor

share investor

There you got it. Share Investor does not require the page to be refreshed whenever you search for a stock, hence you will be able to get the stock code without the delay of loading a web page.

You could also use this method to check the price of the stock which is a quicker way compared to say YahooFin or other site which the page has be loaded hence wasting a few second of your time.

Do note that you might be going for a list of stocks hence 3-5 second can mean a long time, if you add it up.

SGX Stockfacts Unique URL Decoded

SGX Unique URL

This section may surprise you a little. There is a fixed URL structure of how SGX populate their stockfacts data.The below URL that shows in bold is the fixed structure, and the non-bold is the changeable variables.


SGX page 1

Page=1 : Front page


SGX page 2

Page=2 : Financial Statement

And, lastly the “code” is the stock’s code you need to input.


Let’s use Singtel as an example, say I want to check Singtel financial statement. The fastest way is to use the same URL structure and change Page=1 to Page=2, and set to code=Z74


Try it!

Highlight the above URL. Then Ctrl + N to open new browser window. And paste it to the URL box. If the cells show “-“, hit F5 to refresh it.

SGX web test result

With this method, it didn’t take me too long to get 80-90 stocks EV, EBIT and etc.


  1. This is a time-saver if you have a list of stocks and require data and ratio that do not display through SGX Screener such as EV, EBIT, CASH and etc.
  2. You may skip the first section(ShareInvestor) if you are using SGX screener, as the screen results will display the stocks’ code.
  3. Lastly you can simply copy the stock code in your Excel, switch it to your web browser, input the Page no. and stock code. Then copy the data that you need, then switch to your Excel and paste it.

Wanna Speed Up the Process Even More?

Even though the above method can speed up your data entry process without clicking your way through the main page then to the financial statement.

Another problem you will face is the web page loading time! It usually takes about 3-5 second to load a page, some time can be even longer.

To speed up the process even more. I will open up to 5 – 10 tabs of web browsers! And execute the above, so no time is wasted while waiting for the page to load.

I found a software calls Autoit which allows the automation of scraping data from SGX web to Excel. I’m still struggling to write a script out of it. Mainly, is because I can’t find adequate resources on its web browser and Excel library. Most of the tutorial are cater for creating bot for MMORPG.

One of the difficulties I faced is SGX financial data section which is not in the format of HTML, should it be it will be much easier as the script is able to assess to the web browser HTML source code and returns the information that is required i.e the EV figure.

A workaround method is to create a bot that simulates mouse movements and clicks, but the flip side of it is that different screen resolution will mess up the cursor coordinate.

I’m still trying to find a better way. Hope it does not take me too long for that.

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