A Simple Sales Process [2/6]

Weeks back I was creating Emails video where I would attach a link in it to a landing page displaying the video. The Email was highly personal and the video would highlight the problems and offer solutions to resolve it. Subsequently, I would follow up with an Email, SMS, Facebook msg and calls.

It worked out well (I only managed to sent 5), I spoke to the party and they knew who I was – bare in mind that people are bombarded daily with promo Emails which means they are often ignored. However, there’s one problem, that is it took me 2 – 3 hours to create one.

It was very time consuming and what worst is 90% of the playtime was not watched (the video is 15 min long:)). I exceeded the target duration of 10 min. It was hard to control as I tend to over share stuff.

My new process will shorten the video to 5 mins and broken in stages and minimise wasted effort.

1. 5 mins Email video highlighting the problem “there’s an issue with your site that’s losing you customers” – with a call to action of “if you want to know how to fix it, hit reply, and I’ll show you 3 quick ways…”

Follow up with sms, FB msg, 2nd Email and call, and proceed to the next stage when they want to learn how.

2. Second 5 mins video will be showing them what their competitors are doing right and they are not, and how to fix it to see some results. Then end with a call to action of schedule a consult where I show them how to double their sales enquiry in the next 60 – 90 days or whatever that’s ROI-driven.

Follow up with sms, FB msg, 2nd Email and call to schedule an appointment. It will be an educational session where I extract information from them to develop a marketing blueprint, which will be sent within 48 hours after the session.

3. Appointment – never sell, get them to talk. The session should be educational and consultative. Paint a picture that you can get them to where they want, it should be positioned in such a way that they want to make you an offer instead and that you’re happy to walkaway at anytime (ideal scenario).

4. Send them the blueprint.

– follow up with them on the closing using the PDF as a support.

Overall, there will be about 7 touch points or more – good enough to build trust, authority and confidence to close a 4 figure monthly retainer with luck. What I like about having a system is that at any stages where you get stuck, you know where to fix it. If you cannot get enough prospect in stage two that means your stage 1 video sucks.