Top 4 Singapore Share Investing Forums (+1 FB group) For Stock Discussion

​Friday, 29 July 2016​

Maybe you just started your investing journey.

​You'd like to find someone to discuss about investing but no one in your family and friends share the same interest as you.

It can be hard to walk this journey alone. Below are the popular stock investing sites you can visit .

(The below is based on my personal opinion)

#1: Hardware Zone: Stocks, Shares and Indices

HWZ is the largest forum and the top few most visited site in Singapore, its has a very engaging audience on its money mind section. The discussion is light, fun and casual. Members are friendly and helpful even though there are times where a heated debate led to name calling and bashing but the moderators did a good job in controlling it.  

I encourage starters to hang around the site and engage with the discussion as there are plenty nuggets of wisdom. Actually if without HWZ I probably would not have started learning about investing.


HWZ Money Mind

HWZ Stocks, Shares and Indices

#2 Value Buddies

Its members are probably the oldest in the Singapore stock investing online community scene. The central theme of the forum is on value investing, applying fundamental based approach to stock investing, hence, it's not a place you want to go for technical analysis discussion. There are plenty of stock-specific threads where members share their views and discuss about stocks' fundamental.

Active members are much lesser than of HWZ. It is the place for serious stock discussion rather than to chill. There are many seasoned investors over there where you can learn valuable insights from. I often used this site to look up on the stocks I'm about to buy finding whether are there any red flag that I missed out. 

​Site: valuebuddies.com

#3 Shareinvestor Forum 

This forum is run by ShareInvestor, a local stock data provider. I just noticed that this forum is only open for its paid members, it has a wide range of category ranging from property talk to commodity talk, general discussion and stock-specfifc discussion. 

Based on its comment date, I can see that this forum is very active. Not just on one thread or section, but a plenty of them, 

Site: ShareInvestor Fourm

#4 i3investor Forum

If any Malaysia investor who has not heard of I3 then he is not a real investor. Why? Because I3 is the largest Malaysia stock site, based on SimilarWeb it has a monthly views of 1,200,000!

I use this site extensively on Bursa stock when I'm looking up for prices, corporate action and annual report. The forum for Bursa stocks is very active but not so for Singapore stock but nonetheless it is worth a visit. 

Site: http://sgx.i3investor.com/jsp/scl/forum.jsp

#5 Facebook Group (SGX Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis)

If you haven't joined this Facebook group then you probably have missed out a lot. It has over 27,000 members which is the largest SGX community group on Facebook. To know what are the latest stocks buzz that people are talking and sharing about? Then this is the group you want to be in.

So Now What? 

Go create an account (if you haven't) and join in the discussion.

​Let me know if I missed out any site:)


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peter - July 29, 2016

Valuebuddies is your number 2 should be fine. But I do not think it is the majority choice. it is bore and nothing much to read. And the care taker are suck, always delete or do as he please.

I have not visit it for ages, but i do not think it got any different or changes.
In order to have a true reading as to which site are top, you should call a vote., that should be more accurate. And even if you did, i believe valuebuddies will be at the bottom of voter choice.


GiraffeValue - July 29, 2016

Oh man… you make it sounds like they are so bad which I think it’s not. I have not heard complain about moderator deleting post (I might be wrong).

Either way I appreciate and thank you for voicing out! I have added a sentence on top stating that this is my personal opinion:)

peter - July 30, 2016

Actually, who care to feedback. To get a more accurate of popularity, voting is the best. You no longer have to say,”I might be wrong” . The people decide. Why I bother to feedback is because your statement state as though they are of the people opinion, and this is misleading.

Can you elaborate what make you said these are the top four? Can you produce data and proof?

Otherwise, you should not state they are the top four, and valuebuddies is the second.

Sorry if sound offensive, still feel valuebuddies is not that good to be 2nd, that is just my opinion. And my opinion is that if put to vote, valuebuddies is going to be at the bottom, if not near bottom.

    GiraffeValue - July 30, 2016

    The post is not giving out top forum award, it’s a regular blog post which you don’t have to take it so seriously. Your time would be better spent on something else.

    I write with the view of beginner. If my friends just started investing and asked me what forum and discussion group would I recommend for sgx stocks, the above are the 4.

    There are about 400 personal finance/investing blogs in Singapore. Each has their own option on what’s the best.

    About my Top 4. What do you think about top 100 Cafe in Singapore, Top 10 Jap buffet in Singapore or even the 5 bak kut teh you must try before you die… on what ground can they justify death to food. It’s a funny world isn’t it?

peter - July 30, 2016

Thank you very much for your reply. At least now reader know that it is your opinion.

Your post title read, “Top 4 Singapore Share Investing Forums (+1 FB group) For Stock Discussion ” give the notion that they are top 4 in Singapore.

And don’t worry, since you say so, then it is so. I will not spent time on this anymore, otherwise your neck will be as long as a Giraffe, and there is not value in this matter. Misleading title need to be pointed out.

You did not put the title as my top 4, but rather the top 4 , your mistake. Thus I ask why they are the top 4, any data or proof? Is that wrong, or should reader just take it as fact, “top 4 Singapore share investing forum.” Blame yourself for all this.

And yes, my opinion of the best bak kut teh is in Tiong Bahru. Make sure you try before you dies. Good luck.

daniel - July 31, 2016

Hello GiraffeValue ,

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge , as always . Do remember there will always be naysayers , do not worry about them .

Know that I deeply appreciate the things you have shared with us and I really hope you can continue to do so , because I think I benefited much for your wisdom ( REITS , value investing , STI ETF PDF )

    GiraffeValue - August 1, 2016

    Hey Daniel,

    Thank you for you nice words:)

peter - July 31, 2016

I do not means to be rude. But this blog here is a very open one in that the blog owner show every posts the reader send in, unlike other which only show good comment and hide the bad one. My respect and salute to Giraffe value for been a gentleman. And I thank him for been generous to share and reply though he may be a little angry. Please ignore me if you think I am bad.

    GiraffeValue - August 1, 2016

    no problem I will ignore you on post.this Only this post.

Peter J - November 24, 2016

ShareInvestor forum is closed for its members only. There is also sharejunction and also investingnote.com another emerging platform that is quite unique in the stock discussion.


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