The Beginner’s Guide To REITs Singapore Investing(7 Chapters, 15,322 word)

REITs Singapore
REITs Singapore

Tuesday, 16 Feb 2016

It's up, finally!

About one and a half month ago, I started writing REITs Singapore guide. I thought it would only took me a week or two but it turned out to be a month looooooooooooooooooooooong project!

The initial plan was to publish a short 1,000 words guide like many others, however, as I went along, it extended to 2,000 words, then 4,000 words, then 8,000 words, then 10,000 words(holy!).

That's not all, keep reading...

​I thought I had come so far, so why not push further? Why not create something really epic that blows anyone out of the water?

​You know, you probably have seen a ton of recycled garbages in Facebook feeds that comes with click baiting titles like:

​"3 reasons why you should invest in REITs"

"3 ways you can make passive income in REITs"

"3 points on REITs vs physical property"

"REITs investing for passive income for early retirement"

Well... You know what I'm saying.

​Strange as it sounds, after you have done with the article you felt as though you had not read anything...... AT ALL.

Strange huh? You remember you did read something, you thought you have time traveled and about to be a member of x-man!

​Of course not! Just that your attention was robbed by those evil click baiting articles for their evil ads revenue:(

​You see, your guess is as close as mine, those are the kind of rubbish that just delivers ZERO value to you.

Not even entertainment value — you might as well spend your time watching that stupid cat video on YouTube!

​Even worst, some sites send you to a credit card application page!


​You know what? You aren't alone, I feel the same way too. So while I was halfway through the writing, I thought why not publish something that I would LOVE to read?

I knew it's not going to be easy(you see, I'm a guy with high expectation).

​So after drinking gallon after gallon of coffee and I slogged my way through CRAZY amount of HOURS to craft out the most COMPREHENSIVE guide on REITs investing that you can ever find on the planet.

​Before that, information was scattered across the web, and you would spend hour after hour just on searching alone.

​But now, because I have put them all in one place, you save those hours and hassle(i.e more time for cat's video).

​As if that's not good enough, I even improved the visual appeal of the guide by adopting a Steve Jobs' style of design and structure to deliver you literally the KILLER reading experience!

And, here you have it:

A comprehensive, eyes pleasing, easy to read and spoon-fed(no brain needed) guide filled with 15,322 words, containing 7 chapters that will INSTANTLY level up your REITs knowledge upon completion.

Alright. Enough of that B.S.

Here is what you'll get from REITs Singapore investing guide:

Chapter 1: REITs Singapore — You will learn what are REITS, the term used for REITs and the benefits and advantages REITs have over physical property.

Chapter 2: Investors' Expectation & Risks — You will learn how much is the average distribution yield, why rights issue take back all cash distribution does not matter and the 5 risks to consider before REITs investing.

Chapter 3: Understanding REITs Structure — You will learn to understand REITs structure chart, the role of Sponsor, REITs manager, Trustee and Property manager and management fee.

Chapter 4: REITs Growth, Basic, Risks and Tricks — You will learn the 2 methods of growth, 4 fundamental ratios, 7 other factors and the common "tricks" REITs like to play,

Chapter 5: REITs Sectors, Retail and Office — You will learn each sector of REITs has its own risk and reward, and pros and cons of Retails & Office sector.

Chapter 6: Industrial REITs, Hospital REITs, Hotel , Cross border and FTSE ST REIT Index — You will learn the pros and cons of the 3 REITs sectors, cross border REITs and Singapore REIT index.

Chapter 7: REITs Resources & Tools — As if the above is not enough, this chapter complies all the helpful resources and tools to bring your knowledge to the next level. 

Check out REITs Singapore: The Complete Guide

So Now What?

Judging from the responses and shares I got during the draft publishing phrase. I believe you'll really LOVE this guide and find it informative.

Then the next logical step is to move your cursor over to the left and press the share button — Because believe it or not, it not only helps me(100 hours+ effort) but also helps your friends who you never know will secretly thanks you for sharing this epic content with them.

Once you have done, leave a comment below with your thoughts about my new guide!

P.S. I remember the other day I shared an article on Facebook and got engaged in a discussion with a old friend, little did I know she shares the same interest as me. We had a few exchanges, then couple days later a few others joined in. Now we have a little mastermind group :)


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Kh - February 16, 2016

Just want to add a word of support here : well done !!!

The icing on the cake would be some sharing on how you would select reits to invest , the way you seek out “ugly little monsters” .
Chapter 8, perhaps? Haha

GiraffeValue - February 16, 2016

Thanks KH!!!

As always, very supportive. Erm.. that will be a tough one. Not at this moment.

Fong - March 5, 2017

Hi GV! Kudos for the effort on this great article! I just started out investing and done some digging on my own.
I found out KeppelLand has three million sf of retail space over the years. These include I12, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Heartland Mall, Century Square, Tampines One, Hougang Mall, Tiong Bahru Plaza, White Sands, Liang Court, and Taimall in Taiwan.
However, when I did research on KeppelREITS, it was stated that they only own Ocean Financial Centre, One Raffles Quay, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Bugis Junction Towers.
Does this mean that the malls KeppelLAnd acquired are not up for REITS investment? If so, how else could one invest in these shopping malls?


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