Year 2017 [6/6]

I’ve completed my 6 days 100 words writing goal. It was set to be easily achievable so at times when I was redundant to write because of lack of a topic, not in the mood or running out of point half way through the article. I could just make some effort and hit the publish button – it felt like having a recourse.

It is a good way to set things in motion which prepare your body muscle for future projects which require greater intensity of effort. Although, it is just 100 words I still felt to skip it sometimes. But “because it was so easy to hit, you might as well put in that little effort” said my body.

When starting something it’d be better to prioritise consistency over intensity. Don’t aim for 500 words a day because you will give up a week after. Don’t aim for 50 daily push up because there is a high chance your procrastination will fail you and stop you from continuing further.

Your body  is consistently telling you to do the things that make you worst. Don’t give them the chance.

Today is the last day of the year. 2016 has been an unfruitful year for me. The results are showing but slow. After reviewing all the the things I’ve for the entire 2016. Beside a bunch of things I could work on, if I’ve to boil down to one thing that explains the lack of result.

That’ll be my redundancy to involve people.

I don’t have a new year resolution. But I’ve a guideline for my behaviour in 2017:

  • Be aggressive
  • Involve people
  • Lead
  • Never be afraid to piss people off if it is required to achieve goals – human celebrates outcome not processes – the end often justify the means. People will understand when you make it.
  • Never be afraid to walk up to decision makers or even stomp to his office uninvitiedly if you have a compelling reason to do so. It’s OK to be rude to show authority.
  • Break rules if needed. Rules are generally meant to be broken unless it gives you significant advantages in life or help you in achieving your goals if not it is generally meant to be broken.
  • Avoid telling factual truths but present emotional truths if you want people to believe in you – if you can’t build a story around a fact that appeal to the emotion, don’t expect people to believe just because what you say is real.
  • It is often far better to sell awful breads to a starving crowd than to sell tasty food to a normal crowd. Products, services and ideas are dime of dozen but hot demands are not.
  • Don’t expect people to pay you based on your amazing portfolio, qualification or experience. People don’t pay for those shits. Customers pay for what is it for them: the desired outcome, the benefits, the better version of themselves. Your credential is a proof that you can deliver what they are paying for.

I will end the year with a quote

The spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world.

Friedrich Nietzsche